Summer Outdoor Decorating on a Dime

Check out my old wagon! It hauled my little ones once upon a time and now it has a new purpose. Want one in your front yard? Here's how to make it:
1. First, line the wagon with black plastic.
2. Add a thin layer of potting soil, then arrange bright dollar store gardening gloves and seed packets.
3. Take an old window and paint it a color of your choice. I chose a cheery yellow. Place it over the wagon, acting as a tabletop.
4. Then decorate! I added things I love.  I found an inexpensive old chair, originally painted "multi-yuck" and gave it a fresh red coat. I hung Grandma's red polka-dot garden bonnet on the back corner. Oh how I miss my sweet Grandma. I'm sure you have them...those old items lying around needed repurposing! Find them and put them to good use as you decorate! It will make your space special and unique.

So there you have it! A fun outdoor idea that makes lovely again, that which once was!