Monday, August 29, 2011

Have you ever been?

A big shout out to our fabulous family in McCall, Idaho!!! We have just spent a wonderful weekend in McCall, Idaho with people we love:) It is gorgeous there, and so much cooler. The Payette Lake is breathtaking, and our brother and sister's home in the mountains is so warm and inviting. We only wish we had had more time with them. I am hoping to figure out how to get the beautiful pictures off my husbands phone to share with you all, and when I do......., prepare to be amazed at the beauty. Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Did you miss me?

So sorry to have missed yet another week at the Gardner's Market. My sweet 11yr. old took the championship game at the Layton - Strikers Cup today. What kind of mom would I be if I didn't go watch her in action? Go team Surge! Next week I will be in McCall, Idaho to visit family, but WILL return the following Saturday, look for lots of fun Halloween items! I've been hard at it in my moments between soccer, football, daycare, and laundry. What a full life I lead, filled with so many wonderful blessings. Also, a huge shout out to Jim Beazer, of Beazer Lock and Key. Thank you !!!! You may currently find a lot of my inventory there. Pay him a visit to view the latest.
Thank you to all for your support.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Better late, than never!



Well here we are two days beyond the promise to view the family room. What can I say, daycare and big family room- ....... the perfect combination. It took an evening to get it photo-shoot ready.

The family room renovation came about 8yrs ago. The garage is directly over this room. One wintery day my then 10yr. old came to me and said , "there is a water bubble in the ceiling downstairs". He was right, but it was about 3ft. long. The short end of the story is that - snow melts off vehicles parked in garages, into cracks in the concrete and settles into the family room ceiling- thus the water bubble. I have before pictures, but don't know how to get them to this point. Let me paint the picture for you. Shag rust carpet, dark brown shiny paneling, wood -burning stove. And of course, water balloon ceiling ( which had to be gutted). Well, you get the picture. It needed a makeover, just wasn't planning on it at the time. I began drawing out the plan, and away we went. Up came the carpet, down came the paneling, walls taken out. Handyman built the entertainment center, we textured the walls, the previous wallpaper left gouges. We did the pine tongue and groove on the bottom of the wall. Behind the embossed rustic cabin wall paper is a toy room, perfect for daycare needs. We installed a gas fireplace, which now is the primary heat source for the room. I loved the brick that surrounded the old wood burning fireplace, so we left some in our entertainment center plan. Carpet was the last thing to be installed, and there she is. The old chest was a treasure given to me by a friend. I cut the big fish out and painted it. I love the way it looks. Our cabin family room is a room where friends gather and comfort is felt. We love it! I hope you also enjoy it. I am not a photographer, basement lighting is tricky, so the pictures aren't telling the rich moss green of the walls very well. By-the-way, I glazed the walls and it looks so old world.

Hope you enjoy.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sneak Peek to the family room.

Hi there, just a heads up. I will not be participating in the Providence City market this Saturday, Grandma would be so disappointed if I didn't make it to the family reunion. So, look for me next week there, I'll be back. Also, next week I will take you all on a tour of my family room. I wonder, from theses pictures, can you imagine what the theme is? So stay tuned on Monday for a complete photo gallery of my family room.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is it just me?

So, enrichment is over, what a relief! Hey, I just wanted to share some thoughts with my friends. I know you've each experienced it, someone says something to you and you instantly feel small and unimportant, right? Well don't buy in, hold your head up high and know that your gifts are precious and so impotant! You are nothing less than wonderful and no one should have the ability to make you feel otherwise. Wow, I learn so much from so many, and it's because each person has skill in so many beautiful ways. May you be blessed with the inner peace that comes from knowing who you are and where you are headed. And remember that you are precious in His sight.
Love, Melanie

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

As promised!

Well, as promised I am posting pictures from my front porch that will be part of my class on decorating tonight. I got excited about creating a back-to-school theme on the front porch. With very little expense, I was able to pull together a fun look. My cute daycare kids love to pause at the front door before entering. Humm... they must be excited for school.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Enrichment class needs a teacher, ...who me?

So, tomorrow I am teaching an enrichment class, entitled "decorating on a dime". Most of my ideas are ones I can't bring, you know, like window treatments, large furniture, ect. So, I was thinking........." why not take pictures of what you are talking about, and share with your blogging friends"? So, I will do just that. I will try to post pictures tomorrow.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I am still alive, Really, I am!

So, it's been way... to long, I apologize. The Gardner's Market in Providence has kept me super busy. Have you been? It's the very first annual market Providence has ever had and it needs more support, come visit us there every Saturday 3-6, right behind Providence Elementary School.

Any who............................................. Just wanted to show and tell a little about my fun project. You know when you have 5 kids and they are going in all different directions. One is preparing to leave for his mission, the other 2 boys have started football, you daughter made the competitive soccer team and your 7yr. old just finished swim lessons? So, if you said yes call me, we need to talk! The mud room has been way to small for way too long, and finally one day I said to the handyman, " let's turn this long hall into an extension of the mud room". He sweetly said yes, and then I started drawing it out , you know ---- the PLAN! Quickly he looked worried. " You want a ladder to be like a photo gallery ?" Eventually he wrapped his sweet head around it and together we made this happen. It is a narrow hall so prime pics were next to impossible, sorry. The saying above the coat hanger is a line from one of our favorite Primary songs. It reads I have a family here on earth, they are so good to me. The first picture in the ladder is of our wedding, and each one after that is when a new baby joined the family. Our progressive family, plus much needed hanging space, and there you have it, I loved the way it turned out. The total cost was around $40.00. Yippee!