Saturday, May 21, 2011

I love happy colors

I was in such a create mood yesterday. I think it must be all the rain we are getting. After searching my favorite sites of creative bloggers, I found several projects I couldn't wait to get started on. I made sixteen magnets out of glass beads (yes, to replace the four Christmas ones that were still on my magnet board...what month are we in? Oh yeah.) Then I tried my hand at sewing a cute zipper pouch found here from my leftover duckcloth. As if that wasn't enough, my table has desperately needed a new centerpiece so after two hours of walking the isles of HobbyLobby, I've put together something I love! (Two hours probably seems like overkill to most of you, but I'm not a create-from-scratch-without-a-picture-kind-of-girl, and I was without children in a very large fun-to-browse-through-store so it took me awhile.) My husband noticed the centerpiece first thing as he walked in the door from several days away at work which means he likes it too. Bonus! Making it's debut in stellar fashion here it is:
My kids love the real cactus. I just hope the plants live. The sticks in the yellow pot are BBQ skewers I found in my kitchen drawer. I'm sure they are much happier in a yellow pot. Did I mention it cost me less than $20? Not too shabby. I should have provided a before picture so you could see the improvement. Next time.

After the centerpiece, I noticed the entryway table needed some sprucing up. So I began rearranging things from my kitchen and great room to make a new look in the hallway. I do love how it turned out.

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