Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bare No More

So I can see in my head what I want things in my house to look like, but when I walk into a store such as TaiPan or Hobby Lobby, it seems to all go out the window and I get lost in the oodles of cute, fun things around me. So I enlisted Melanie's help on my most recent shopping trip. We walked through aisles of neatness and carefully selected each piece in the picture above. My kitchen corner, once bare, is now exactly as I want it... well, minus a few apricots (needed to fill in the gaps created by the oranges) which I WILL pick up this week. I'm pretty sure I can handle that on my own! I hope! Who knew that a few simple pieces could fit together so nicely and transform my kitchen corner into something so lovely? I "du Love" it!

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