Thursday, December 1, 2011

So, way back in 1987 when I got married I made stockings for my husband and myself. Then I continued to make for each child as they came. The problem is that they are all dated and needed a long over due make over, only I can't afford to completely remake each one. So here I go, I only thought to do a progressive picture on the very last stocking. I cut out the eyelet lace and went to work. My cute husband got a much needed masculine stocking, now his manhood can remain in tact for the holidays. I used embossed wallpaper and a lot of other this ,and thats , I had around the house. I simply hot glued a cover right over the top of the exisiting stocking, this way we can remember when,... "when," we had our 80's stockings, just by turning over the sock:) Later today I planning on posting the rest of the make overs. Stay tunned.


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