Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ever wonder where you've been?

Well then, welcome to my world, so glad I am not alone.

Honestly though, I seem to be in a daze. Maybe it's a lot of change all at once in my world. Maybe it's that my full time job is super busy right now. I might mention that I love my full time daycare job, it's the best! :) Whatever it is,.... I apologize that I've been so vacant at Blogland.

Last week was spring break where we live. Even though I worked the entire week I still had a goal to make some time to tackle a huge project with my girls.
BACK GROUND MUSIC PLEASE,..........................
Are you familiar with the term tween? Well, I have one, she is adorable and has the crafting bug like her momma. And here we have "miss almost 12", who really wants a room all her own. That idea will come to life,.... just not for a few years:( So, we are faced with few options. But,..... we managed to put a plan together, and yes we included her 8 yr. old roommate. Currently they have a garden themed room together. And yes, "it's very little girlish". So the challenge became to create a more hip, older feel, while still keeping with some of the original elements.

Ready, set, go!!!!

Here is a list of required changes, according to miss almost 12.
1.) Paint and update both dressers
2.) Make new duvet covers for both beds
3.) Redo window seat cushion cover and pillows
4.) Update certain wall decor

So where to begin? Shopping for paint, material, ect.

And here we find the best part,.... this project came with a budget of course, and the girls were both so aware of it. It brings such joy to watch your children, think, and analyze their choices based on a budget. LOVE IT!!!!!

Well I am happy to report that both dressers are done. And that just about blew us over, so we will continue on and take it little by little.

P.S..... Pictures to come, stay tuned.

Have a lovely day,

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