Monday, October 17, 2011

Have an old lamp shade? Need a new Halloween decoration?

So, just kept dreaming about what this old lamp shade could be. And one night it came to me, Frankenstein! I didn't have the right color of material and I didn't want to spend any money, but I did have spray paint, and why not spray paint cheap muslin material?

1 old black zipper,1 wooden ball, once blond curly doll hair: spray painted black, black marker,paint, and wire spider legs, and I was ready! When wrapping the lamp shade in it's new color I used adhesive spray,... found at a craft store. Then I spray painted screws black and put them into the sides of his head, attached the hair with hot glue, cut long strip for zipper in forehead, surgically glued the zipper in place. Then made a spider using,1cotton ball, black felt, lrg.button and wire. Traced a simple face onto the material, filled in with black and white paint. and there he is! And to think, I almost threw the lamp shade away about a year ago, what was I thinking then? The best part, other than he's adorable, is no cost involved!
Have a great Monday.


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